What to expect

An integrative approach

What is an integrative approach?

An integrative approach takes the best of the best and tailors it to your circumstance.

An integrative approach uses theory from the most widely recognised and practiced counselling fields, psychodynamic, person centred (humanistic) and cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). So you can feel safe in the knowledge that this style of counselling will suit your particular needs.

You can be assured of a good fit.

With a foundation in person centred therapy, we will take things at your own pace.

We are able to use practices from the main (most recognised) disciplines as and when required. In summary an integrative approach takes the best of the best and tailors it to you and your circumstance.

Professional experience

Appointments in person

You will be greeted by the receptionist and she will make me aware of your arrival. I will collect you from the waiting area and you will be welcomed into the counselling room to begin. At the onset of the session we will contract verbally what is expected of the counselling relationship and I will explain further what will happen over the coming weeks. You will be handed an information sheet to complete which requests contact details, asks some basic questions around your current situation, how you heard of Umeus Talk and provides you with information about making payments.

This is mainly tick box so don’t panic! After you have completed your form you will then make your payment and the session will begin. Your first appointment explores what has brought you to counselling. We may take a brief history of events and establish what you are hoping to gain through counselling. This is a chance for us both to see if the counselling relationship is a good fit and how counselling will be of benefit to you in your circumstance.

At the end of the session we will confirm our intentions moving forward. When we both agree counselling will be helpful we will book the forthcoming sessions.

Telephone and online appointments

How it works:

Step 1
Free 15 minute initial consultation to establish a brief outline of the problem and ascertain whether or not this type of counselling would be suitable.

Step 2
Agree a suitable time for the appointment and agree suitable payment method. (hyperlink payment)

Step 3
You will receive a confirmation email once payment has been received confirming your appointment.

Step 4
Preparing for your appointment. Make sure this time is exclusively for you. Let family members know that this is important personal time and you are not to be interrupted. Don’t forget to silence your phone. Taking these steps to ensure some private time is very important as interruptions can disrupt the counselling process. Make sure you are comfortable, maybe have a glass of water to hand. If you are having online couples counselling you will need to position your laptop and camera where you can both see it and be seen. Above all relax!

Step 5
You will be skyped or called at the allotted time. Appointments that start late will still finish on schedule so please make sure you are ready. Appointments that are cancelled less than 24 hours before due will still be charged. Let’s Umeus Talk

Booking appointments

The success of counselling greatly depends on the counselling relationship.
It is important that we ascertain the suitability of working together so a FREE 15 minute consultation is available before booking the first counselling session.
What are you waiting for?

Start with your 15minute free telephone consultation.

Then agree an appointment.

Opening times.
9-7 Monday -Sunday.
Some later evening appointments available on request.

Booking your FREE consultation

As I am most often with clients you will need to complete a referral form or leave a message with a convenient time to call back.

To start with your 15 minute free telephone consultation and then agree an appointment, please click on the below button to visit the contact form

…or simply call and leave a message including name, telephone number and best contact time.

Telephone number: 07414887061