Online services

Conveinient and private

Online counselling allows you to access this service from the privacy of your own home or where ever you can find a quiet space just for you.

Online counselling is suitable for those who are unable to attend face to face sessions. For example if you work away from home, are unable to travel due to health reasons or maybe you wish to continue with counselling whilst you are on holiday, whatever your reason UmeusTalk online counselling can work for you.

Due to the nature of this medium online counselling is suitable for couples who are experiencing low level problems.

UmeusTalk online counselling is NOT suitable for couples who are experiencing high intensity arguments where there is a threat of domestic abuse.

If you are experiencing or are worried about domestic abuse help can be found by clicking any of the below links:

Equally, individuals who are acutely distressed or are feeling suicidal can find help at the blow link: