CPD: Working with Addiction: Underlying Causes

As a professional counsellor, I am committed to offering the best counselling service I can. To ensure I am providing high-quality counselling and adhering to the BACP standards and ethical framework, I regularly undertake CPD learning and would like to take this opportunity to share some of my recent work with you. Please click the link below to view my recent certificate demonstrating the learning undertaken for working with addiction.

What is CPD?

CPD stands for Continuing Professional Development and involves the acquisition and tracking of knowledge, skills or experience, by a professional, beyond any initial training.  This can be both formal and informal, and might include attending short courses, seminars, webinars and conferences; reading articles, journals, or books relating to their specialist subject; watching documentaries and online videos or gaining new practical experience by working with another organisation. All of which should be done with the aim of contributing to their professional knowledge, in my case Counselling and Relationship Therapy.

Why is it important?

As with many professions, the world of Talking Therapies is constantly evolving and it is important, that as professional counsellors and therapists, they evolve with it. CPD is a commitment to lifelong learning and ensures that as a counsellor I remain competent and abreast of any changes or advancements in working with clients. It can also act as a refresher for already acquired skills, to develop specialist knowledge in niche areas, such as in my case Relationship Therapy or Couples Counselling, and can also widen a counsellor’s expertise by developing their skills in areas they may frequently come across, such as working with anxiety, bereavement or depression.

Whatever the reason for undertaking CPD, a counsellor who is committed to their learning and growth as a professional will also be committed to the work they do with you as a client.

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