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About our counselling service

Some people are great talkers but need help focusing thoughts and putting plans into action.
Others find it more difficult to express themselves , and need help to gently explore & express their feelings to others.

We are all different and we all need help from time to time.

Whatever your circumstance, when you must talk – UmeusTalk.

Relationship Therapy

We can help with a wide range of issues including problems communicating, dealing with adultery, parenting differences, financial difficulties, sexual or intimacy problems, and empty nest syndrome. Counselling can help you understand yourself and your partner better.

We will help you


We all feel anxious from time to time, but sometimes this feeling can become overwhelming and stop us achieving our goals. Talking it through at Umeus can help, we can look at where this feeling is coming from and look at ways to reduce the anxiety so you can get back to doing the things you love.


Living with depression can be hard. You may feel like nobody understands how you are feeling and it can be hard to motivate yourself to do even simple tasks. At Umeus we will take the time to listen and understand how depression is affecting you and help you to take the steps to a brighter, more positive future.


The loss of a loved one can be devastating and it can be hard to imagine life without them. Coping with grief can be difficult, we can help you work through those painful feelings supporting you through the stages of bereavement, helping you to move forward to a new reality and a place of fond memories.


We all have moments when we feel stressed, work, finances, exams to name a few can put us under pressure, and sometimes we feel like we just can’t cope. At Umeus we can help you put things back into perspective, and help you devise coping strategies to eliminate or bring stress levels back to more manageable level.

Individual Therapy

Counselling can help you understand yourself and your problems better, deal with issues preventing you achieving your ambitions, build confidence and help you understand other people’s point of view.

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