About Umeus Talk

In times of increasing separation it is important to take the time to work on ourselves and the relationships that are most important to us.
UmeusTalk has been set up to help facilitate those important conversations with our significant others and address the deepest concerns within ourselves.
UmeusTalk aims to make counselling accessible to all, to improve the relationships we have with each other, in the belief that as our own life improves we improve the lives of those around us.

So when you must talk – UmeusTalk.

About me

Sarah Gauci

Dip. R.C.

I am a warm friendly counsellor who is passionate about her profession.

I studied counselling at Leeds University St. John specialising in relationship counselling. I have completed an externship in EFT and have counselled couples and individuals, as part of the second largest relationship counselling organisation in the UK, since 2010. During 2014 I started coaching professionally and I have recently been appointed as a shared lives carer, approved to work with vulnerable adults.

I am a BACP member.

Qualifications, training and experience.